Friday, July 25, 2008

trash & treasures

everyone has their one category of somethings that they can't help but splurge on once they get money. for carrie bradshaw, it's shoes. for my dad, it's the most advanced bad-ass technology that's so ahead of his time that he can't even operate it. for ashley, it's magazines (she even buys me my favorite- Glamour- whenever she has the opportunity! what a nice girl!).

mine is books. and i feel like such a nerd because i have $40 and all i can think about is that i have enough to buy about 3 or 4 books at borders. what's even worse is that i don't like getting rid of my books. my bookshelf in my room has books stacked on top of the books that shelved all nice and orderly.

i'm planning on having a garage sale next weekend. i've dubbed it The Ultimate Garage Sale (my signs are going to say that!). i need to get rid of some of the books i have lying around but i feel like i'm 8 years old again and my mom wants me to get rid of all of my stuffed animals. i don't know if you've ever had to go through that at 8 years old, but it's tough having to pick out the stuffed animals you don't want. all the old, ugly ones you feel sorry for and don't want to stick them in the garage sale pile. you've bonded. you know them. and all the news ones you haven't even gotten to play with them yet! usually when this dilemma came around, i ended up putting my sisters' stuffed animals in the garage sale pile to rescue mine from abandonment.

now i have to go through the same thing with my books and i can't bring myself to get rid of any.

oh! by the way, come to my garage sale and buy all of my junk! come buy my books so that i know they get a good home.

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Jane said...

i am coming to buy your books. they will have a nice home. i promise.