Monday, May 31, 2010

love love love

i apologize that this blog is photo-less. i've been trying to post a ton of pictures with my blog lately but this one is lacking. my b.

this weekend was probably the best weekend in a while. well, since wine tasting for kristin's birthday last weekend...!

FIRST of all, ashley turned 21 on the 29th so we celebrated friday night. i haven't stayed out until 2:30 in the morning in a VERY long time.

then i headed to san bernardino saturday for tiffany and luke's wedding. she looked absolutely gorgeous and we all had a ton of fun. i loved hanging out with my family and introducing them to robbie. he and i danced all night and it was so great.

i drove back to slo sunday and my lovely friends becca and danielle came to visit! it was so nice seeing them. becca's been in ghana for a couple of months and i've missed her like crazy.

THEN brett turned 21! we headed downtown with his family sunday night. they're party animals. i'm heading to vegas with them in a few weeks to celebrate some more.

the weekend was just one party after another.

being home for a day or two made me excited to live back home for the summer. i know it'll be very relaxing and i'll get to read a ton of books (YAY!). speaking of books, carizza texted me today and we have a little something something in the works in the book department. i don't want to share too much but get excited!

since i drove quite a bit this weekend i had a chance to listen to lots of new songs. a couple of current favorites:

- you don't treat me no good no more song (not sure who sings this and my internet's waaay too slow right now to look it up)
- i pray for you by jaron and the long road to love


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

what a wine-o.

my weekend started with a great 21st birthday celebration friday night and ended with a fever of 102.7 on sunday night.

despite the fever, it was a great weekend. probably a favorite out of the entire year.

we celebrated kristin's 21st birthday on friday and kept the party going sunday by going wine tasting in a limo (thank you, kristin's parents for treating us!!). we lucked out by getting the coolest limo driver in the entire world: marcel. at every winery we walked into, everyone knew marcel by name. it was great.

the limo was stocked with four bottles of champagne... for us four girls. this proved to be a problem later on in the day...

we brought our own orange juice for morning mimosas.

our first stop was at eberley winery.

"up shiraz" is a feisty name of one of their wines. say it fast and you'll get why it's feisty.

this winery had CAVES!!!! it was so awesome. we went and explored the tunnels and hung out with marcel.

a hog fountain outside was supposedly good luck if you petted its snout. we just touched it and figured we'd absorb enough luck for the rest of the day from that.

mr. eberley himself. not joking, when we took this picture he said, "well! THIS is more sex than i've gotten in the last week."

so inappropriate. but hilarious.

next stop, and it was by far our FAVORITE stop, mitchella.

we all felt like we stopped at a little private villa in italy when we arrived at the adorable yellow house. the owner greeted us, and marcel of course, and invited us for hot dogs and to check out the view from the balcony. so homey.

the view from the balcony was breath-taking. AND there was a spiral staircase that led up to it. even more fairy-tale-like!

a cute pup that lived at the villa that hung out with us as we ate our hot dogs. as we ate, a woman came out and served us more wine (ALL the wines were amazing. especially the whites). she served us one called "shameless." we asked why it was called shameless. she told us that the first year they made the wine it was called "debutant" and what was a debutant a year later?


At Mitchella, Marcel mentioned to the woman pouring our wine that we were heading to Clautiere next. She just winked at us and said, "Don't forget your camera!"

We had no clue what she was talking about.

The anticipation was killing us when we drove up to Clautiere. We didn't notice anything funny until we got inside...

Everyone was wearing wigs and funny hats!! So excited to put on wigs, we didn't even stop at the counter to try the wine before we ran to the back room to check out the wigs!

My fabulous ginger and smurf-headed rockstars:

So sassy. Ashley kind of looks like Ariel from The Little Mermaid...

My Aunt Mary commented on my facebook (where my pink do is my profile picture) and said I should wear this to Page's wedding.

Page would laugh if she heard this.
Then she'd kill me.

We finally started wine tasting. The wine was only so-so but the atmosphere totally made up for it. Marcel told us that back in the day, the owner used to do some kind of drag queen show which inspired the theme for the winery.

We pimped out Marcel in a sweet hat.

We grabbed our last taste of wine and headed outside to check out the circusy art.

There was some weeeeird stuff at this winery.

And then I found the Sangria... This, as Jules said, was definitely the turning point of the day. The girls got drunker and drunker and I got sicker and sicker. From my fever, not from the wine, juuust to clarify.

The girls sipped...

I was really into the wigs. Can you tell? Everyone was over them in about 15 minutes and I changed mine a couple times.

Last stop: Tobin James. This winery was huge and cowboyed-out. I chatted with the girl serving wine, who was the owner's daughter, as everyone kept drinking.

We had an extra bottle of champagne sitting in the limo when we got in to head back home. It was gone by the time we got back to the house. I neither participated nor prohibited anything in the limo.

What happens in the limo stays in the limo.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

ricearoni/san fran.

last weekend i headed up to san francisco for robbie's beta formal and to participate in bay to breakers, a wild and crazy marathon where people get dressed up (or naked) to run amuck the streets of the city.

the ride up north is so pretty. this is my favorite part. there are rows of trees on both sides of the road:

we crammed two betas in the backseat of robbie's mustang. poor guys!

when we finally got to s.f. we headed to a giants game and hit the bars afterward. needless to say, there was no need to take pictures.

the view from our hotel room in the morning.

saturday robbie and i got up early to explore the city. we found my FAVORITE FOOD EVER:

robbie loves cheese too...

we walked from pier 1 to fisherman's wharf.... about 40 piers away. there was a group of cute little skateboarders who followed us halfway there. they did all sorts of cool tricks. they lined up in a row and all ducked under this sign. it was so cute. they went under like swoop, swoop, swoop, one after another.

we met up with ryan, my sister's fiance who lives in san fran, for lunch at boudins. they sell loaves of sourdough bread in funny shapes. my baby turtles loaves:

i was craaaaving a hot fudge sunday from ghirardelli's so ryan led us over there.

some city shots:

we learned how to take the muni. robbie and i caught on pretty quick. i've been really into leg shots and have only taken them of girls. here are sam's legs in the muni subway:

SHOPPING!!!!!!! i bought a big, black, floppy hat for the horse races this summer! and i grabbed some black flats because the heeled boots i was wearing weren't cutting the hills in s.f.

you name it.

beta held a formal saturday night at the hotel. there was a fancy dinner and dancing. cheers to sam for planning a successful event!

bay to breakers was sunday. people started the marathon SUPER early in the morning. we could hear the runners/walkers drunkenly cheering at about 8 in the morning. a great way to wake up, i know.

the streets:

people dressed up in fun costumes. can you guess what we were?!

(where's waldo....?!)

sam peeing on the portapotties... a bit ironic. one guy ran across the top of the potties. it was hilarious.

i really like this shot for some reason.

yay, san fran!

beautiful city and beautiful trip. i'm looking forward to visiting it MANY more times when pagey moves up there.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Saturday, May 8, 2010

birthday photo shoot.

today, rachel and i had yet another photo shoot. christine, rachel's roommate, was our model. we decided to ask her to be our model because christine's turning 21 this weekend!

while getting ready, christine pulled out these HUGE, funky, nerdy glasses she wore at a party once... they definitely made it into the photos.