Monday, May 31, 2010

love love love

i apologize that this blog is photo-less. i've been trying to post a ton of pictures with my blog lately but this one is lacking. my b.

this weekend was probably the best weekend in a while. well, since wine tasting for kristin's birthday last weekend...!

FIRST of all, ashley turned 21 on the 29th so we celebrated friday night. i haven't stayed out until 2:30 in the morning in a VERY long time.

then i headed to san bernardino saturday for tiffany and luke's wedding. she looked absolutely gorgeous and we all had a ton of fun. i loved hanging out with my family and introducing them to robbie. he and i danced all night and it was so great.

i drove back to slo sunday and my lovely friends becca and danielle came to visit! it was so nice seeing them. becca's been in ghana for a couple of months and i've missed her like crazy.

THEN brett turned 21! we headed downtown with his family sunday night. they're party animals. i'm heading to vegas with them in a few weeks to celebrate some more.

the weekend was just one party after another.

being home for a day or two made me excited to live back home for the summer. i know it'll be very relaxing and i'll get to read a ton of books (YAY!). speaking of books, carizza texted me today and we have a little something something in the works in the book department. i don't want to share too much but get excited!

since i drove quite a bit this weekend i had a chance to listen to lots of new songs. a couple of current favorites:

- you don't treat me no good no more song (not sure who sings this and my internet's waaay too slow right now to look it up)
- i pray for you by jaron and the long road to love


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