Saturday, April 25, 2009

gettin' hyphy in oakland.

markus invited me to go to an oakland a's game yesterday night. 

we drove the three hours up, watched the a's lose, then stayed to see a freaking awesome firework show. 

because they lost, they were offering free jersey's at saturday's game, and san luis obispo was a three hour drive back, markus and i decided to stay the night and go to the a's day game on saturday.

after getting lost about 100 times, we finally got to kat's house. we had a slumber party with kat, brett, kat's sister, ally, and ally's friend. 

after the a's won on saturday, mark and i decided that our adventure was finally over and that we had to go back home.

mark got very silly in the car and sang backstreet boys, aly & aj, and britney spears. what a champ.

our jersey's are very cool.

overall, successful weekend!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

c'mon, body. make up your mind.

i can't tell if i'm sick or have allergies.

i have a temperature of 100.4 but my nose is running and i'm sneezing like i have allergies.

my body is confused.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

NAKED on sunset blvd.

In 26 hours, rachel, katherine, cassie, ashley and i:

drove to LA. i called shoty.
got naked on sunset boulevard. 
ate at ketchup in hollywood.
had a delicious cookie and brownie dessert.
went to pantages.
went to riverside.
saw a dead rat. gross.
fell into a dead sleep.
woke up. panera.
drove back to slotown.

my friends are wonderful and treated me to a cute girls night out in LA. 

i think i changed my mind about LA. it's kind of cute in some areas.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

working for the weekend.

sometimes it really bothers me when i hear people complain that the weekend doesn't come fast enough. if you're living 5 days out of the week just to wait for two of them, it sounds like you're wasting time waiting.

HOWEVER. i am waiting for friday. brett's having a small get together at his house and we just decorated his walls. 

i'm excited to see how the decorations turn out!!

but, moral of the story: don't wait for the weekend. it'll never come fast enough, so just enjoy every day.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

do you believe in magic

i believe in karma.

lately, i've been having a lot of good karma, which makes me happy. it also makes me nervous because if i screw up my good karma, it could turn into bad karma.

good karma this week:
- brady's going to be our club advisor! he seems extremely helpful, VERY VERY VERY knowledgeable about both grc and journalism, and best of all- he's not overbearing, which is fabulous. i'm really looking forward to having him be our advisor.
- the grc department is going to put a small feature in their newsletter about our club.
- i came up with an amazing story idea. i told brett that i want to write this summer and i think this may be the story i go with.
- brett is having a blacklight party this week. AND he's making kat, luke, gideon, rachel and i a lobster dinner. brett's the man.
- i'm getting like, $400 back in taxes (thank you, tax god).
- mama mia this weekend.

i'm worried that bad karma is heading my way. 

just when everything seems to be going right...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

silver and gold.

i bought stuff that i didn't need today:

a pretty hummingbird necklace.

a cute elephant keychain.

my to-do list is coming along quite nicely.

what a beauty.

i am constantly learning funny things about my mom that i never knew.

like, tonight, my dad said that she used to say, "that's fucking beautiful" real sarcastically about things.

i like learning things like that that make me realize that my mom was a normal person, not just a mom.

thanks, brett, for a ride back home and for the meaningful (sometimes meaningLESS, ha!) conversations we always have on our rides.

Friday, April 10, 2009

blog birthday.

i'm a firm believer in to-do lists. 
you may not get everything done, but they're a great way to look at your priorities and help you de-stress.

TO DO this weekend:
- finish interviews (angela kramer- keep dreaming, nikol, any asi board member, detective john edds, snaps, and the residents for quality neighborhoods people)
- see my family and enjoy time with them (perhaps go see pagey's new little place! hello, alliteration.)
- uphold my promise to do a photoshoot every weekend (rachel- we're on our own this weekend. take some good ones without me!)
- make up a fine-ass resume for a couple of summer internships
- do all of my homework.
- make up some ed2010 committee folders

if i can squeeze all of these things within the next 50ish to 60ish hours, i will be most impressed.

(hey! last post was my 100th post! happy 100th post birthday, blog!)
(we may have found an advisor for the magazine club... more on this if it goes through!!)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

if you build it, they will come.

i'm so pleased at how my ed2010 meeting turned out tonight. i really feel like kevin costner from field of dreams. 

james earl jones: "if you build it, they will come."

that's exactly how i feel tonight went. i've put in quite a little bit of work thinking and planning this magazine club and it totally paid off.

we had an amazing turnout (worst fear- 3 people showing up- totally didn't happen). after handing out newsletters, explaining what the club was all about, and getting through a nervous/awkward couple of seconds of silence after asking "are there any questions?", i was beyond thrilled when people started telling me which committees they wanted to join. the enthusiasm was just... wow.

we have an awesome group of people and i really can't wait to hang out with everyone who showed up. it's so cool getting a group of people together for a common purpose and a common love for something other than alcohol, chick flicks, and food (though the cookies ashley made for the meeting were delicious).

yay ed. yay journalism/grc nerds. yay magazines.

rain, rain, go away.

on rainy days like today, i wish i were soaking up the sun. why is it that when it actually is sunny, i lounge around inside, too lazy to play outside? 

thanks, lolita, for the cute picture!

p.s. a stranger gave me a donut this morning on my way to class! thanks, girl.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

one foxy lady.

rachel, kat and i went on a small adventure to montana de oro yesterday. we got dressed up, fooled around with the cameras for a bit, hurt our feel real bad (rocky beaches = hurty feet), and found a gorgeous place to camp in may.

a couple of my favorites:

the lovely katherine white. she's an excellent model- beautiful, goofy, and she listens to us without complaining. props to kat.

the rocks were gorgeous. 

a boy looking at the ocean. i liked his hat.

kat's cute toes. i love love love her toe ring.

if a tree fell in a forest and no one was around to hear it, would it make a sound? that's what this little fallen guy reminded me of.

rachel and i hope to improve our camera skillz (yes, with a z) by going on photo adventures every weekend. i definitely have a long way to go to get better at this whole photography thing. 

suggestions for locations would be most appreciated! 

Friday, April 3, 2009

one step at a time.

spring quarter resolutions:

1. i will get all of my homework done before it is due.
2. i will save 75% of my paychecks.
3. i will not party more than one night on the weekends.

spring quarter events:

1. ed2010 meetings!!!
2. ee spring banquet (gideon's my date!).
3. wildflower.
4. possible trip to berkeley.
5. possible camping trip.
6. mama mia in LA.

spring quarter books:

1. on the road (toward the end of the quarter) - jack kerouac
2. emma -jane austen (required reading)
3. motorcycle diaries - che guevara