Thursday, December 25, 2008

papa hank is my hero.

christmas in the schiller household is always, ALWAYS epic.

after midnight mass, page, lauren and i hopped into our onesie pajamas (mine- red and green striped, page's- red with white dots, and lauren's- sock monkeys) and took pictures by the christmas tree. my dad cracked up. we then gave him HIS christmas pajamas (non-onesie). he sported his flannel christmas jammies with his red slippers all day long. 

christmas was amazing.

i am now going to be writing my blogs with my BRAND NEW MACBOOK! i am the luckiest, most spoiled girl in the world. 

uncle george came over and made the biggest scrimpies in the world. they were declicious.

uncle ed and lisa and their baby puppy, kanuck, came over. we all played Things. it was hilarious.

"Things that are impossible to measure" 
my response: a leg of an amputee.

horrible. and on christmas...

i'm going to hell.

happy birthday, jesus!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

the incredibles.

has something ever happened to you that made it seem like it didn't really happen to you because it's just so incredicble?

yeah. that something has happened to me. except it was not incredible in a good way.

i have never thrown up so much in my life as much as i did yesterday. it was absolutely so disgusting that it really doesn't seem real.

do not, i repeat, do NOT eat carrot cake. i will probably never eat carrot cake for the rest of my life.

the only amazing thing about food poisoning that i love is that once it's out of you, you're done being sick.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

singing sweet home alabama all summer long.

i'm living in slo this summer.

i'll make it work somehow.

being home has made realize how much i want to live my slo life as long as possible. not that i hate being home, in fact i feel quite the opposite. i love being home and i love hanging out with my dad and sisters and dogs. i like the fact that i've read book number 3 and 4 of twilight and i don't even care that i'm in the same jammies that i've been wearing since sunday (disgusting. i know). but i feel that i'm lucky enough that my family understands what will make me happy and i feel comfortable enough now to do what i want to do and live how i want to live.

and that's in slo.

this summer.

Friday, December 12, 2008

a tribute to mark roberts

you may or may not know that i love mark roberts and his class. he's a FANTASTIC mentor and i wish i had a class with him next quarter. but i don't.

i picked out my favorite poem that he read to us last week.


The History of One Tough Motherfucker

he came to the door one night wet thin beaten and terrorized
a white cross-eyed tailless cat
I took him in and fed him and he stayed
grew to trust me until a friend drove up the driveway and ran him over
I took what was left to a vet who said, "not much chance... give him these pills... his backbone is crushed, but itwas crushed before and somehow mended, if he lives he'll never walk, look at these x-rays, he's been shot, look here, the pellets are still there... also he once had a tail, somebody cut it off..."
I took the cat back, it was a hot summer, one of the hottest in decades, I put him on the bathroom floor,
gave him water and pills, he wouldn't eat, he wouldn't touch the water,
I dipped my finger in it
and wet his mouth and I talked to him,
I didn't go anywhere, I put in a lot of bathroom time and talked to
him and gently touched him and he looked back at
me with those pale blue crossed eyes and as the days went by he made his first move dragging himself
forward by his front legs
(the rear ones wouldn't work)
he made it to the litter box
crawled over and in,
it was like the trumpet of possible victory
blowing in that bathroom and into the city,
I related to that cat--
I'd had it bad, not that
bad but bad enough

one morning he got up, stood up, fell back down and
just looked at me.
"you can make it," I said to him.
he kept trying, getting up falling down, finally
he walked a few steps, he was like a drunk,
the rear legs just didn't want to do it and he
fell again, rested,
then got up.
you know the rest: now he's better than ever,
almost toothless, but the grace is back, and that look in his eyes never left.
and now sometimes I'm interviewed they want to hear about
life and literature and I get drunk and hold up my cross-eyed,
shot, runover de-tailed cat and I say, "look, look at this!"
but they don't understand, they say something like, "you
say you've been influenced by Celine?"
"no," I hold the cat up, "by what happens, by
things like this, by this, by this!"
I shake the cat, hold him up in
the smoky and drunken light, he's relaxed he knows...
it's then that the interviews end
although I am proud sometimes when I see the pictures
later and there I am and there is the cat and we are photographed together.
he too knows it's bullshit but that somehow it all helps.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

oh dear.

today i was walking home from my final and the gym and i realized that i didn't go the way i wanted to go. i usually walk up the horse path so i can stop by the post office and check my mail instead of going all the way around through the zig-zag path to get to the post office, which is what i had to do today.

so i'm walking and i'm kinda mad i didn't go to the horse path and then i look over the bridge and there's a baby deer!! it's just snacking on some grass in the middle of the afternoon in the foresty ditch. so i stopped and looked at it because it was so cool and so adorable. and it looked at me!! i wanted to see how long it would look. do baby deers have eyelids? because that sucker did not blink once. i felt like will ferrel with the ram in the SNL skit ("starring contest, you and me.... you win... you always do..."). because i was standing there so long i got out my phone and took a picture. after a couple seconds, it just pranced away. i didn't realize that three other people were standing behind me watching the baby deer too but when i turned around i felt like such a dummie because i was all giddy and smiling. it's ok though because they were excited too. i know it.

that baby deer was brave. and cute. and it looked at me!!

i love bambi.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"Because, if Santa and the ... Holiday Armadillo are ever in the same room for too long the universe will implode. Merry Christmas!"

anyone? chandler bing? the one with the holiday armadillo?

roommate christmas night (because we are too broke and cheap to go buy each other presents):

you know it's a good night when kat, cassie, ashley and i can hang out with chandler, monica, ross, joey, rachel and pheobe while making neon pink and green cookies.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas!

so even though it's beginning to look a lot like christmas, it still doesn't feel like christmas...

my goal is to make it feel like christmas once finals week is over. once i go home, i'd like to do something christmasy everyday.

dec. 13- write christmas cards and send them.
dec. 14- put up the christmas tree!
dec. 15- put up christmas lights on the house (we'll see about this one... ladders and staple guns should not be used at the same time...)
dec. 16- go look at christmas lights at the mission inn.
dec. 17- watch christmas movies!
dec. 18- take christmas pictures with my sisters.
dec. 19- finish christmas shopping!
dec. 20- go to a show for my dad's christmas present!
dec. 21- make christmas cookies.
dec. 22- go to brett's christmas party!
dec. 23- wrap christmas presents.
dec. 24- go to midnight mass
dec. 25- celebrate christmas!

this is why i love my roommates. we're having a christmas roommate day tomorrow (this counts as our christmas gifts for each other since we're all BROKE) which includes making fudge and cut-out cookies to christmas music and a movie after!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

you go, beyonce.

i absolutely love her.
every girl knows what she's talking about and i just love it.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

1. make edward cullen fall in love with me...

totally joking. except not really.

i'm updating/semi-redoing my 100 things to do before i die list.

any suggestions would be most helpful!

p.s. enjoy this...

*there are more fabulous pictures at