Wednesday, December 17, 2008

singing sweet home alabama all summer long.

i'm living in slo this summer.

i'll make it work somehow.

being home has made realize how much i want to live my slo life as long as possible. not that i hate being home, in fact i feel quite the opposite. i love being home and i love hanging out with my dad and sisters and dogs. i like the fact that i've read book number 3 and 4 of twilight and i don't even care that i'm in the same jammies that i've been wearing since sunday (disgusting. i know). but i feel that i'm lucky enough that my family understands what will make me happy and i feel comfortable enough now to do what i want to do and live how i want to live.

and that's in slo.

this summer.

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Chelsea said...

good for you nikol! that is my goal next summer and you're going to have a great summer