Thursday, November 20, 2008

lost & found

two nights ago kat won her championship intermural soccer game. and even though i'm glad she got a poop brown shirt (which is actually REALLY cute), i was sad because i'm an idiot and lost my phone at the soccer field.

however, i didn't realize that it had been lost until cassie handed the phone to me about an hour and a half after we had left the soccer field.

the person who picked up my phone called zach (he was the last person who called) who called ashley who called cassie who told me that my phone was lost.

last night we went to taylor's house (the wonderful boyfriend of the girl who picked up my phone) and got my phone back.

did you follow all of that? girlfriend to taylor called zach called ashley called cassie told me called taylor picked up my phone.

the people at cal poly are amazing. i am so glad i go to a school where i can accidentally lose a phone and get it back within 24 hours. amazing.

Monday, November 17, 2008

funny things...

i was walking from the library back home at about 9:30 tonight and i hear, "One, two, three, four..." and then music start in the parking structure.

a whole group of boys were doing a dance routine. and they were GOOD! it made me crack up and i was walking alone. what an idiot.

brett whining about something....

kat: buck up, brett.
nikol: yeah. shut the buck up.

oh man. kat and i had a good laugh.


just a few more days til i see my dad and just a few more days after that it's thanksgiving.
i am thankful.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

what the frizz.

my straightener stopped working about.... maybe... two weeks ago? a little less than that. i used ashley's secretly (probably not-so-secretly since i probably left it on in a non-sneaky way) until hers broke about a week ago.

i've been straightenerless for about a week. my blowdryer doesn't work. basically, the frizz that is my hair is all i've got to work with.

it's funny to think that about two years ago when my straightener died i absolutely freaked out.

maybe i'm just getting used to the bun updo or something but i must say... for not using a straightener.... my hair looked pretty darn good today.

i've decided that if you can't live publicly without a straightener for a week... you're way too into yourself. embrace your kinks and tangles. live free. or die trying. or just don't straighten your hair sometimes.

Monday, November 10, 2008


in the native american culture, and lots of other indigenous cultures, the act of leaving the home (and usually going to a city-like setting) and then returning home after a number of years is a sign of maturity and acceptance of the tribe/community/family. (thank you elvira pulitano, Ethnic Studies 241: Survey of Indigenous Cultures)

i went home this weekend and i feel like i'm going to have this similar experience in the future. i have a LOT of big plans for my life, liiiiike going to new york and traveling around the world. but i don't think that i would ever be able to settle anywhere farther than an hour or so from my home. as much angst as we all felt when we lived in riverside, it's still my home and finally getting out of there made me realize how much i consider it my home. my dad is still home to me and so are my dogs and sisters. i don't think think that i am willing to give up all of the future Hanksgivings (yes. hanks. not thanks. cuz... my dad is Hank... and he gives a LOT of thanksgiving... i guess it's just a weird, inside family joke) or christmas midnight masses or birthdays just so i can work and work and work in a city far, far away.

so i look forward to my home coming. however, for the next couple of years, i will be selfish and still complete my goals. just on a smaller, but still wildly successful (crossing my fingers) scale.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

props to yo mamma.

sometimes, these weird, random analogies come to me:

my friends doing drugs, to me, is like masturbation. i know you do it. i don't want to hear about it.

my most recent one?

prop 8. gay and lesbian couples, to me, are like the milk at the bottom of your cereal bowl. sometimes i think it's great and other times it kind of grosses me out.

i heard so much controversy going on today with prop 8, even more so than voting for mccain or obama. unfortunately, i didn't vote yes or no on prop 8 because for now, i'm pretty indifferent to it. i was definitely not informed enough on the proposition to vote either way, which is totally my fault. so... i didn't vote.

i hope everyone else voted!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Monster Mash

thank god for that extra hour of sleep last night because this weekend has been flying by.

halloween at bretty's was entirely too much fun. we had the batman crew there (minus a few key characters...): brett- the joker, kat- catwoman, gideon- penguin, mark- the scarecrow (creepy), cassie- batgirl (best costume award), rachel- harley quinn, and me- poison ivy. we were missing a robin and batman brian was out of town this weekend, driving his cousin home so she could be with her boyfriend.
what a hero!

after looking at pictures on facebook, i am so impressed with the costumes i've seen my friends and family wearing. i've seen the WIND, the paperbag princess (who remembers THAT story from when you were 7?), a girl who carries the case in Deal or No Deal, and SO many other really great costumes.

i have such creative friends.

yesterday i had a photoshoot with anne so she could practice taking pictures of a bride in the water because she's heading to cancun in a week to shoot a "trash the dress" session and she's only done it a few times. so guess who had to be the guinea pig and put on a dress and veil and get into the freezing water while it was 50 degrees out? the pictures turned out fantastic. once she sends them, i'll put some up. it was kind of weird having wedding pictures taken of me, but whatever. it was fun!

lauren's coming today and so is ryan. this is a weekend full of family! =)