Saturday, June 28, 2008

friends make the world go round.

sometimes (most times) i'm really antisocial. not because i hate people. i just really value my alone time.

HOWEVER... today i realized how much i miss my friends. becca, jo, aaron, and i took a little trip to huntington today to play in the sun. i love love love becca and jordan. they are so right for each other and they are so weird and fun. today ashley texted me about going to jules' house next weekend and i remembered how much i love her and kristin and jules and gracie. then i got two letters in the mail from carizza. one had her internship newsletter in it (she's so cute and on top of things) and the other one had postage stamps (bless her soul).

i have the bestest friends in the world. i should probably hang out with them more.

Friday, June 27, 2008

you know what really grinds my gears.

1. the fact that i just tried to post this blog and the stupid computer messed up and erased it. "you're only as smart as the machine." yeah freaking right.

2. the fact that i can get a ticket for parking right in front of my house. we don't need street sweepers. we're not that dirty. all they do is push around the dust and the leaves. i blame bailey.

3. the fact that the right side of my face is still fat and numb. i'm so ready to be done with this wisdome teeth thing.

4. the fact that i've had about one and a half weeks to fact-check a list of doctors for inland empire magazine and i haven't finished it yet.

life is tough. even when it isn't.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

fizzle fo shizzle

i had two scary things happen to me yesterday.
1. i got my wisdom teeth pulled
2. i fainted

so the first one doesn't seem that bad, right? yeah. try having your wisdom teeth pulled out while you're awake. i've never broken a bone or have been extremely sick or have had surgery before, so being awake while getting my wisdom teeth pulled was pretty traumatic. i do not recommend it. the second was scary but cool. i think it scared my dad more than it scared me. one minute i was standing in the bathroom chatting with my dad and the next second i woke up on the floor. it was like when you're little and you go to sleep on the couch and you wake up in your bed. it was cool except for the few seconds before, when i felt like i was going to throw up and when things started to fizzle out... if i had to get my teeth pulled back when there was no numbing medicine, i would've died. no joke. i'm just glad i live in the 21st century. bring it, wisdom teeth. show me whatchu got.

Friday, June 20, 2008

dirty bird.

two nights ago, i went dancing with my dear old friend, natalie! it was so great to see her again. i met a couple of her friends (who are extremely nice and fun, by the way) and my goodness, natalie just seems so happy. when we went to the branding iron, i swear she knew half the people in there.

so anyway, we went dancing. it was hot. i got sweaty. you know how dancing goes. but i mean, i got real sweaty, as in nappy hair sweaty.

i come home and go straight to bed because it's a bit late.

the next morning i get woken up by a phone call from my dad telling me to come in to work because a girl didn't show up. i don't have time to take a shower, so i do my best with what i've got and head to work.

it was over 100 degrees yesterday and i was outside. i sweated some more. gross.

i came home yesterday and all i want to do is take a shower.

our water was turned off. i don't even know why. bills aren't due, we aren't dead. but our water was turned off by the fricking city. i blame bailey.

i feel so gross. does anyone have water i can borrow?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

carrie bradshaw? i don't think so...

so i'm big on letter writting. i like the whole process of handwritting (these days i've been typing them to save time) letters, decorating them all nice and pretty, and making creative envelopes to send them in. i don't have the time or the patience to send all of my favorites letters this summer, so i figure the next best thing is blogging.

so i'm back.

i've been home for a week and a day now and i feel like i've been home for two months. i feel like addison shepherd in that grey's episode when she comes back and she says, "nothing has changed" but really a lot has. everything feels the same. meg and pudge still bark from midnight until 4 in the morning (i feel so bad for the neighbors). my dad still sends me out to get dinner or groceries or movie rentals. even hanging out with sami and morgan is the same. except everyone's just a little changed. morgan's famous. sami's legal. aaron's got a job. there are new people at work. my dad... well, he's pretty much the same. as are the puppies. so things are different but in a good way.

the most exciting thing that has happened so far is that i got an internship at inland empire magazine! i went in for my first day yesterday. working for a magazine definitely is far from what it's like in the movies. my boss isn't like meryl streep from the devil wears prada (thank goodness). i don't get to write sex columns like carrie bradshaw. and i'm not the how-to girl like andy anderson. yesterday was spent reading four issues of the magazine, copy editing a list of doctors' addresses, and finding manufacturers for the home decorating advertisements in the magazine. those were a pretty exciting four and a half hours of my life. seriously though, i really am excited about this internship. we all gotta start somewhere, right?