Tuesday, June 24, 2008

fizzle fo shizzle

i had two scary things happen to me yesterday.
1. i got my wisdom teeth pulled
2. i fainted

so the first one doesn't seem that bad, right? yeah. try having your wisdom teeth pulled out while you're awake. i've never broken a bone or have been extremely sick or have had surgery before, so being awake while getting my wisdom teeth pulled was pretty traumatic. i do not recommend it. the second was scary but cool. i think it scared my dad more than it scared me. one minute i was standing in the bathroom chatting with my dad and the next second i woke up on the floor. it was like when you're little and you go to sleep on the couch and you wake up in your bed. it was cool except for the few seconds before, when i felt like i was going to throw up and when things started to fizzle out... if i had to get my teeth pulled back when there was no numbing medicine, i would've died. no joke. i'm just glad i live in the 21st century. bring it, wisdom teeth. show me whatchu got.

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