Friday, June 20, 2008

dirty bird.

two nights ago, i went dancing with my dear old friend, natalie! it was so great to see her again. i met a couple of her friends (who are extremely nice and fun, by the way) and my goodness, natalie just seems so happy. when we went to the branding iron, i swear she knew half the people in there.

so anyway, we went dancing. it was hot. i got sweaty. you know how dancing goes. but i mean, i got real sweaty, as in nappy hair sweaty.

i come home and go straight to bed because it's a bit late.

the next morning i get woken up by a phone call from my dad telling me to come in to work because a girl didn't show up. i don't have time to take a shower, so i do my best with what i've got and head to work.

it was over 100 degrees yesterday and i was outside. i sweated some more. gross.

i came home yesterday and all i want to do is take a shower.

our water was turned off. i don't even know why. bills aren't due, we aren't dead. but our water was turned off by the fricking city. i blame bailey.

i feel so gross. does anyone have water i can borrow?

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