Wednesday, June 18, 2008

carrie bradshaw? i don't think so...

so i'm big on letter writting. i like the whole process of handwritting (these days i've been typing them to save time) letters, decorating them all nice and pretty, and making creative envelopes to send them in. i don't have the time or the patience to send all of my favorites letters this summer, so i figure the next best thing is blogging.

so i'm back.

i've been home for a week and a day now and i feel like i've been home for two months. i feel like addison shepherd in that grey's episode when she comes back and she says, "nothing has changed" but really a lot has. everything feels the same. meg and pudge still bark from midnight until 4 in the morning (i feel so bad for the neighbors). my dad still sends me out to get dinner or groceries or movie rentals. even hanging out with sami and morgan is the same. except everyone's just a little changed. morgan's famous. sami's legal. aaron's got a job. there are new people at work. my dad... well, he's pretty much the same. as are the puppies. so things are different but in a good way.

the most exciting thing that has happened so far is that i got an internship at inland empire magazine! i went in for my first day yesterday. working for a magazine definitely is far from what it's like in the movies. my boss isn't like meryl streep from the devil wears prada (thank goodness). i don't get to write sex columns like carrie bradshaw. and i'm not the how-to girl like andy anderson. yesterday was spent reading four issues of the magazine, copy editing a list of doctors' addresses, and finding manufacturers for the home decorating advertisements in the magazine. those were a pretty exciting four and a half hours of my life. seriously though, i really am excited about this internship. we all gotta start somewhere, right?

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