Monday, December 28, 2009

christmas with the schillers.

christmas was a bit different at the schiller household this year. since page had to work all day, we opened presents at night. this meant dad and uncle george cooked all afternoon while i danced around to lady gaga (my dad's favorite) and drank mimosas. it was a fabulous day.

the schiller family traditional tourtiere meatpie (gross). everyone seems to like it except page and me. usually there's an "M" on the pie for mary like the pie in the back but this year uncle george and dad put their initials, "G" and "H." they said that if their mom saw this pie they'd get into so much trouble.

uncle george: the chef!

not exactly sure what dad's doing here... i'm sure moments ago he was dancing with me to bad romance or his favorite: p-p-p-poker face.

shortly thereafter... that's a "nik, get the camera out of my face" look.

david snacking.

miss lauren mae fooling around with her new itouch.

page showing off her jewelry from lauren.

goofball ryan. he's so handy/geeky. he brought over a little cable thing that connects my mac to my new ipod docking station. he has everything!

the days following christmas have consisted of reading and shopping. i finished a book in two days. i forget how much i love reading until i have the time to do it.

morgan got me this cute bag from lululemon. it's so inspirational! my favorite quote on the bag: dance, sing, floss and travel. that fits me perfectly.

just a few days til new years! start thinking of new years resolutions. if you're not into that sort of thing, start thinking of new years resolutions for me! i could use the help.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

first of many more.

a quicky blog! i'll write tons more later, i promise. it's one of my new year's resolutions, don't worry.

at brett's christmas party the other night, i met marta, collin's brother spenser's polish girlfriend. she's adorable and she blogs. i just thought her and spenser's story was so cute. check out the marta story on her blog. it's in polish so you'll have to use google translator to understand.

this time of the year has been really special for page! she just got engaged to ryan and she graduated from college last week. GO SISTAH!! so proud of you.

i've realized a LOT of things in the last week and a half being back home (more details about this later when i have time to organize my thoughts) but one REALLY important thing is that i have really, really wonderful friends in my life. when i stopped by collin's the other night i don't know how many people asked about page getting engaged. how thoughtful are they?! some of them haven't even met her, but they still asked. so nice. i also had coffee with madame kund and she is who i want to be when i grow up. she's so interesting and cares so much about her students. LOVE her.

seriously, more blogging to come. sorry for the lack of posts lately.

i hope everyone's having a merry christmas eve! midnight mass, i hope i don't fall asleep on you.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

in your spare time...

once finals are done, work is done or you just have an hour, 16 minutes and 27 seconds of free time on your hands check out randy pausch's last lecture. bretty had this on the other night and i started watching it halfway through. kat, brett and i sat around our kitchen table with our dinners and watched this incredibly inspiring talk by randy.

this talk is also a book; one that i'm planning on reading over break. yesterday i started an autobiography about benazir bhutto. cool, inspiring stuff, man.

happy winter break, everyone. it's finally here.

living in a van down by the river.

ryan sent this to page and then page sent it to me.

interesting article about affording college.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

almost there...

at the beginning of the quarter i started listing all of my mustang daily story assignments on my white board. by the end of the quarter i was supposed to have 20 stories done.

halfway through the quarter i really, truly believed that it was impossible to have those 20 stories ticked off of my whiteboard.

by the end of this weekend, i'll have 22 stories completed for the mustang daily.

that class was f-ing hard. probably the hardest class i've ever taken in my life. and on sunday, i'll be free.

even though i'm not 100% done with the class, i erased my whiteboard today and it felt DAMN good to do so.

the end is in sight and i couldn't be happier.

happy finals week, everyone!