Thursday, July 31, 2008

zoom zoom zoom

i finished cleopatra's memoirs last night.

everyone died and i was so sad.

on to my next fictional autobiography: Helen of Troy.

today i went on an adventure with morgan. we went to azusa to watch aaron play basketball and man oh man, did we get lost. it wasn't that bad... morgan and i got distracted from the directions because of story time (for having seen each other two days ago we sure had a LOT to talk about) so we got a little off course.

when we finally found azusa pacific we drove through this parking lot that had once been a drive-inn. except we didn't know that. so we were REALLY confused and wondering why their parking lot was so wavy.

i just drank this energy drink about two hours ago and i'm all revved up. it's midnight. i have work tomorrow. i need to sleep.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

life is good.

right now carrie underwood is blasting on the radio and a weird kung-fu ping pong asian movie is on the t.v. and my dad is putting in our living room with his red, fuzzy slippers on.

THIS is why i love being home.

i also love:

- that i just spent two nights in a row at the henningers' house. what a fun family.
- that i have 300 more pages to go in my cleopatra book. i am so in love with julius caeser.
- that i've decided to be cleopatra for halloween.
- that mitch's party was a success.
- that i get to see step-brothers with all (ok, MOST) of my favorites: aaron, brett, and morgan!

Friday, July 25, 2008

trash & treasures

everyone has their one category of somethings that they can't help but splurge on once they get money. for carrie bradshaw, it's shoes. for my dad, it's the most advanced bad-ass technology that's so ahead of his time that he can't even operate it. for ashley, it's magazines (she even buys me my favorite- Glamour- whenever she has the opportunity! what a nice girl!).

mine is books. and i feel like such a nerd because i have $40 and all i can think about is that i have enough to buy about 3 or 4 books at borders. what's even worse is that i don't like getting rid of my books. my bookshelf in my room has books stacked on top of the books that shelved all nice and orderly.

i'm planning on having a garage sale next weekend. i've dubbed it The Ultimate Garage Sale (my signs are going to say that!). i need to get rid of some of the books i have lying around but i feel like i'm 8 years old again and my mom wants me to get rid of all of my stuffed animals. i don't know if you've ever had to go through that at 8 years old, but it's tough having to pick out the stuffed animals you don't want. all the old, ugly ones you feel sorry for and don't want to stick them in the garage sale pile. you've bonded. you know them. and all the news ones you haven't even gotten to play with them yet! usually when this dilemma came around, i ended up putting my sisters' stuffed animals in the garage sale pile to rescue mine from abandonment.

now i have to go through the same thing with my books and i can't bring myself to get rid of any.

oh! by the way, come to my garage sale and buy all of my junk! come buy my books so that i know they get a good home.

Friday, July 18, 2008

VG (no, not cal poly's restaurant...)

these are my girls, right here:

audrey hepburn. because who doesn't love Breakfast at Tiffany's?

cleopatra. because i'm reading about her and now i want to be an egyptian queen.
and, of course, the victoria girls. because we are true friends.
we're having a VG reunion tomorrow night. we're going to do a bit of color me mine, grab some dinner, and have a spa night sleepover at cindy's house. i love getting together with these girls because even though we don't all hang out on a regular basis, we all click. we were all once eight years old together playing cowboys and indians at victoria.
now we're big girls and get to do big girl things. like go to color me mine.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

r.i.p. heath

tomorrow, my late husband's last movie comes out: the dark knight.

i know i'm being a little dramatic (wearing black to the movie tomorrow to mourn his death? check.). i realize that heath ledger is not an elvis or a james dean. but everyone has their Top Five (Friend's Reference!!)... the five celebrities that you are allowed to sleep with if the opportunity every arises, and your significant other can't do anything about it. ross had isabella rossillini. aaron has jennifer aniston. becca has ben stiller. i had heath ledger.

before, my chances were slim to none. now they're just none.

after i watch his final debut as the joker tomorrow night, therefore ending the mourning process, i'll begin my search to find my new number one for my Top Five.

Hello, Brad Pitt.

Monday, July 14, 2008

ring, ring, i'm going to kill you, machine.

i love my dad. i really do. but i hate that whenever the phone rings, he doesn't pick it up.

this may not seem like such a big deal... but it definitely is when the phone rings over ten times because we don't have an answering machine, or when my dad is sitting less than two feet away from the phone and decides not to answer it.

whenever i bug him about answering the phone, he gives me the whole, "nik, it's just a telemarketer. anyone who needs to talk to me knows my cell number."

why even have a phone if you're never going to answer it?

p.s. if you were to ask my dad, page, lauren or me what our home phone number is, none of us would be able to give it to you. just another reason to add to the list of Reasons We Don't Need A Phone.

Friday, July 11, 2008

cleopatra, comin' at ya!

i was so close to posting pictures on here today. too bad the computer hates me.

i just got home from babysitting and i forgot how much fun it was to pretend to be seven again. i had a fabulous time hanging out with a four year old and two eight year olds. they're so carefree and silly. everyone should be like that all the time.

today i told aaron he smelled musky. he got mad. whatever- boys are stinky sometimes; they can't help it. he's so good though. he didn't stay mad for too long, which is one thing i absolutely love and admire about that boy. i wish i had that same kind of ability to brush things off my shoulder as fast as he can.

other than that, i had a very short day. i didn't get up til one, so i only had about twelve hours of awake time.

i DID, however, start a 900 page book about cleopatra. it's pretty sweet so far. wish me luck reading all of it!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

red, white and blue (french or american?)

i just got a text message from the wonderful Madame Kund inviting me to breakfast chez her parent's house for bastille day. how adorable is she?

speaking of frenchy people, becca is hosting a french foreign exchange student at her house. for the last two summers she had timo here from france and we had a great time hanging out with him. this summer, timo's brother, amo, is here and we absolutely love him! if i were a 15-year-old french girl, i'd totally want to kiss him. however, i'm an adult and that would probably be illegal or something. PLUS i don't think aaron would approve of that at all.

since i'm not french, i celebrated independence day on the fourth. it was the greatest time ever. brett "fat" henninger invited aaron, kyle, collin, and me to newport for a little celebration time at his beach house. i wish my laptop worked because i have some great pictures of all of us hanging out with the henningers. they're such a wonderful family. two stolen bikes and a hangover later, we all departed from neptune street and ashley and i started a new adventure to The O.P.

when we got to oak park and reunited with kristin and jules (two lovely girls that lived down the hall from me this past year), we had a total girls night out: dinner for four, sleepless in seatle (yep... we fell asleep.), wine in the hot tub, and fifth grade prank calls. it was fantastic.

next on this week's agenda: serving at a wedding (my favorite!!), babysitting (i love my leinbach babies), and crunching numbers (letters?) at the internship.