Friday, July 11, 2008

cleopatra, comin' at ya!

i was so close to posting pictures on here today. too bad the computer hates me.

i just got home from babysitting and i forgot how much fun it was to pretend to be seven again. i had a fabulous time hanging out with a four year old and two eight year olds. they're so carefree and silly. everyone should be like that all the time.

today i told aaron he smelled musky. he got mad. whatever- boys are stinky sometimes; they can't help it. he's so good though. he didn't stay mad for too long, which is one thing i absolutely love and admire about that boy. i wish i had that same kind of ability to brush things off my shoulder as fast as he can.

other than that, i had a very short day. i didn't get up til one, so i only had about twelve hours of awake time.

i DID, however, start a 900 page book about cleopatra. it's pretty sweet so far. wish me luck reading all of it!

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