Monday, July 14, 2008

ring, ring, i'm going to kill you, machine.

i love my dad. i really do. but i hate that whenever the phone rings, he doesn't pick it up.

this may not seem like such a big deal... but it definitely is when the phone rings over ten times because we don't have an answering machine, or when my dad is sitting less than two feet away from the phone and decides not to answer it.

whenever i bug him about answering the phone, he gives me the whole, "nik, it's just a telemarketer. anyone who needs to talk to me knows my cell number."

why even have a phone if you're never going to answer it?

p.s. if you were to ask my dad, page, lauren or me what our home phone number is, none of us would be able to give it to you. just another reason to add to the list of Reasons We Don't Need A Phone.

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