Thursday, July 17, 2008

r.i.p. heath

tomorrow, my late husband's last movie comes out: the dark knight.

i know i'm being a little dramatic (wearing black to the movie tomorrow to mourn his death? check.). i realize that heath ledger is not an elvis or a james dean. but everyone has their Top Five (Friend's Reference!!)... the five celebrities that you are allowed to sleep with if the opportunity every arises, and your significant other can't do anything about it. ross had isabella rossillini. aaron has jennifer aniston. becca has ben stiller. i had heath ledger.

before, my chances were slim to none. now they're just none.

after i watch his final debut as the joker tomorrow night, therefore ending the mourning process, i'll begin my search to find my new number one for my Top Five.

Hello, Brad Pitt.

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