Monday, March 29, 2010


our vegas trip started with a bang. literally.

our caravan group wasn't on the road for ten minutes when the leader truck got slammed into by a little car. after a quick visit from the police, paramedics and firefighters (and after taking roadside photos with them) we were back on the road with some bumps and sore necks.

we got to caesars and started up our weekend.

which included penis straws...

smoothie drinks from fat tuesdays...

and lots and LOTS of dancing!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

happy 200th blog post!

in less than 24 hours i'll be on the road heading for LAS VEGAS!!

new earrings for vegas (bought with what money, you ask? i'm asking myself the same thing.)

the flowers on my vegas dress

vegas pictures coming up after this weekend.

p.s. update on maid of honor stuff: invitations are addressed and ready to be dropped off at the post office! can't wait for page's bridal shower!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


i've been watching a lot of dog whisperer lately because i'm going home for the summer and i'll be able to spend a lot of time with this goofy one:

as bad and irritating as she is, pudge is one reason i love coming home.

Friday, March 19, 2010

can i be on your top 8, please?!

remember when it was really important to choose who was on your top 8 on myspace? or putting the boy or girl you liked on your top 8? or taking them off? or GETTING taken off?

how funny is it to look back all of that now and realize how caught up everyone was on myspace.

oh myspace... digital drama for reals.

now if we could just wean ourselves off of facebook...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

crafty little one.

i've been in such a crafty mood lately...

a couple of things i hope to make in the near future:

a cute little bird.
a funny hedgehog.
a sweet crocheted yoda.
tote bags galore.
bird garland i saw at papersky (this is the cutest, bestest store downtown and robbie bought me stationery from there for a birthday present! what a nice boy.)
paper flower bouquets- possibly for centerpieces for page's bridal shower.

anyone want to play arts and crafts with me? i'd love company.

Friday, March 12, 2010

shot shot shot shot shot shot shot shot.

my 21st birthday was so fabulous. i had a couple of out-of-towners drive all the way up for my birthday. tiff, luke, page, lauren and david headed up to meet us for dinner at mcclintocks. after we were seated and i ordered my first drink, i felt someone grab my shoulders and say, "happy birthday!" it was ryan, page's fiance! he had driven all the way down from san francisco for my birthday! he told me that he was planning on coming friday night because he couldn't make it thursday. what a sneaker.


this is what mcclintocks is famous for. the guy kinda spilled on me. thaaanks, waiter guy.

the we headed back to my house for a little get together until it was time to go downtown.

cute boot shotglasses page got me for my birthday! everyone got me such thoughtful gifts this year! thank you, guys.

on the walk downtown, i was behind our huge group of people and a taxi driver was parked on a side street. he asked if it was my 21st birthday and i said it was. he told me to get in the cab and he'd give me a ride to blacksheep! what a nice taxi man.

my first drink downtown. it was an upsidedown christmas tree shot... whatever that is. i think it was a little bit of beer and a shot of something pepperminty dropped in. i had to chug it. it actually was pretty tasty.

my fellow yuker players. this is probably one of my favorite shots from the night.

the ladies. julianna and annie met us downtown at blacksheep.

next up was downtown brew. here the bartender served me a blowjob shot. nasty, i know. hannah was nice enough to take one with me so i wasn't as embarrassed! probably one of the best tasting shots i took last night!

my hair was sticky from the whipped cream in the blowjob shot. gross. but very tasty!

miss katerina and sistah lauren.

at motav...

we ran into a couple of older friends downtown. it was so great. we got to go upstairs at motav and we danced our booties off.

it was such a fun day. everyone made it so special!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

vday recap.

i finally had the chance to post some valentines day pictures!

it was nice downloading them to my computer because i honestly forgot about them.


pretty roses were delivered to my house. rachel came over later to help me make chocolate covered strawberries and i let her read the note that robbie sent with the flowers. she kind of teared up. it was cute.

our attempt at making chocolate covered strawberries. it was definitely a messy- and tasty!- process and even though they turned out lumpy and gross-looking, they were SOOOO delicious.

after i made dinner for robbie, we had the strawberries with some wine.

monday morning, we went to margie's and ordered a milkshake with breakfast!

we missed our hot tub appointment at sycamore springs but went anyway. they sent us to the VERY top of the hill. and let me tell you, this hill is a hill from hell.

the view looking up from our hot tub. it was such a pretty morning.

drove to morro bay to kill some time. at a little fishery they sell live lobsters and crabs. this little guy was cute and very camera friendly. he kept trying to get closer to us.

devil in disguise.

robbie took me on a cute adventure and had clues for me. the notes he wrote to me were so funny and so nice.

first stop was sunset drive-inn.

robbie setting up his car for me to peel out in.

the next stop was the creek by the mission. i love the creek. it's so gorgeous there.

we ended up at novo for dinner and it was amazingly delicious.

my pretty flowers a week or two after valentines day after they bloomed.

more pictures of my birthday soon to come!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


i kinda really want to see this movie.

i think i'm going to be a fan of grown-up dakota fanning.

Friday, March 5, 2010

you've been bamboozled... i mean yukered.

last night, brett, kat, robbie and i had an impromptu game night. we played yuker and blockus from 11 at night until about 3:30 in the morning.

best game night ever.

before our epic game night, i had just finished watching an episode of friends (the one with the baby shower) where joey is auditioning for a new game show. he practices playing the game with chandler and ross and chandler hates the game until he starts winning. i stole joey's "you've been bamboozled" line and used it when kat and i killed robbie and brett in yuker. twice.

i learned how to play both blockus and yuker from uncle carl's kids at the cottage in canada a long, long time ago. playing them last night made me wish i was in port dover eating arbor dogs, playing mini golf, eating celery bread at the cove room and jumping off the dock.

little cottage, i miss you.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


karen's post today made me laugh especially hard.

am i a creepy, blog stalker?


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

failure is not an option.

i think that too often we think that if we do what we want to do, when we want to do it, we'll be happy.

i'm not so sure that's true...

here's something i read today by Matthew Kelly that really made me reevaluate attaining success and happiness:

"If you give your body a choice, it will always take the easy way out. Your body lies. It tells you it cannot when it can.

How did Michael Johnson become the fastest man in the world? By running when he felt like running? No. Michael Johnson tells his body what it is and is not allowed to fell and when it is and is not allowed to feel those things. His success comes from his mastery of the body. His higher faculties-- intellect, will, spirit-- reign over his lower faculties-- bodily instincts. The body has a natural capacity to increase its strength and abilities. The heart, mind, and spirit are all equipped with the same natural capacity.

Do Andre Agassi and Serena Williams hit tennis balls only when they feel like it? Did Bill Gates achieve what he has by sleeping in until one o'clock in the afternoon? Does Emmitt Smith show up to practice only when he is in the mood for it? Did Abraham Lincoln do only things he felt like doing? Do you think Mother Teresa always felt like taking care of the poorest of the poor?

One thing is certain. If you do only what you feel like doing, your life will be miserable and you will be a failure."

so quit being a lazy butt, get up and go do something with your life!