Tuesday, March 2, 2010

failure is not an option.

i think that too often we think that if we do what we want to do, when we want to do it, we'll be happy.

i'm not so sure that's true...

here's something i read today by Matthew Kelly that really made me reevaluate attaining success and happiness:

"If you give your body a choice, it will always take the easy way out. Your body lies. It tells you it cannot when it can.

How did Michael Johnson become the fastest man in the world? By running when he felt like running? No. Michael Johnson tells his body what it is and is not allowed to fell and when it is and is not allowed to feel those things. His success comes from his mastery of the body. His higher faculties-- intellect, will, spirit-- reign over his lower faculties-- bodily instincts. The body has a natural capacity to increase its strength and abilities. The heart, mind, and spirit are all equipped with the same natural capacity.

Do Andre Agassi and Serena Williams hit tennis balls only when they feel like it? Did Bill Gates achieve what he has by sleeping in until one o'clock in the afternoon? Does Emmitt Smith show up to practice only when he is in the mood for it? Did Abraham Lincoln do only things he felt like doing? Do you think Mother Teresa always felt like taking care of the poorest of the poor?

One thing is certain. If you do only what you feel like doing, your life will be miserable and you will be a failure."

so quit being a lazy butt, get up and go do something with your life!

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pageonpaper said...

i needed that. thanks for the pep-blog