Sunday, March 29, 2009

wild things.

i watched into the wild. 

not to be confused with born to be wild.

or where the wild things are (pretty excited about the movie though!).

into the wild was unlike any movie i've seen. it was great. now i'd really like to go live in a van in alaska for a couple months. ok, maybe not that part, but i'd definitely love to kayak down the grand canyon and eat a superapple and go swimming with hippies.

i'm going to read on the road by kerouak. i hope i don't drop out of college.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

nora, my homegirl.

as many of you may know, nora roberts is my girl. i love her books. they're my guilty pleasure.


i'm taking a long nora roberts break. i'm swearing off her books for a while because the strong-woman-meets-strong-man-they-fall-in-love-something-goes-wrong-and-they-fix-it plot is getting a bit old. i still love nora, don't get me wrong. i'm just ready to read something new.

i read water for elephants yesterday and today and it was just such a cute little book. great story. really weird. i loved the main character, jacob. it wasn't mushy-romancey, but the love story part of it was cute. read it if you have a couple of hours to spare.

if you have any great books you've read lately that do not involve strong women falling in love with strong men or anyone with the name nora or roberts, let me know. i'd love to read it. 

Thursday, March 26, 2009

somethings and someones and somewheres.

you know how you finally make up your mind about something and then something happens and you change your mind? and then you finally make your mind up again and then something else happens and you change your mind again? 

it's a vicious cycle and i hate that.

you know how you go somewhere and it reminds you of something because of how it smells or looks or tastes?

i hate that too, sometimes.

you know how you try really hard to make someone happy and it always seems to backfire?

i think i probably hate that most of all.

i can't be in riverside this summer. it's a very, very bad idea.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

spring break to do

1. motorcycle diaries is on my reading list for this week.
2. i will run. i will run. i will run. every morning. 
3. visit bec.
4. visit carizza.
5. dance with natalie.
6. lunch with nicholas.
7. ed2010 club mock mag.
8. ee dept. work.
9. beach? pool? anything that involves sun and tanning?
10. seven pounds with dad.

happy spring break, all!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

in the summer.

i would love to see this movie.

that's all. 

Friday, March 13, 2009

40 days turned into 4 days...

today i broke my lent. is that even how you would say it? broke your lent? it sounds like you broke your water (gross). whatever. 

i went on facebook. 

and yes, i'm going to justify my cause: i created a group for my club interest meeting for ed2010 the cal poly chapter! pretty darn exciting. 

i've been thinking about starting a magazine at cal poly since last year. i've been thinking about starting a club all of this year. i've put it off, thinking that i needed to have all these plans set in stone.

i've finally pushed the excuses aside. i need help if i'm going to get this club going, so that's what my meeting is all about-- getting people involved, putting together committees, and getting everyone on a common ground so we can accomplish something amazing.

(and if i just happened to check my 80 birthday wishes-- THANK YOU!!--on my wall... well... so be it.)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


birthdays have always been good to me.
my wonderful family and friends always make it special.
i am so lucky to have amazing people in my life.

day before birthday: dress shopping with birthday dollars sent to me by maw maw.

7:00 a.m.

presents!! (kat & brett- broadway mama mia tickets, ashley- tim mcgraw midstate fair tickets, cassie- a gift only she would think of!!!! thank you, girls!!)

how many baked goods can one girl get?!

thank you to everyone for the special birthday wishes!

holla back: page, lauren, becca, aunt irene, lovely roomies + bfs, rachel and lucas roy, natalie, michael clark, ryan douglas, ry swear, aaron mccoy, bwe nolan, trinity ladies, robbie, aunt stacey, zach, brent, nicholas, markus and everyone else who sent me a lovely birthday message!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

props to the hays boys.

overview of last night:

sweet hightop kicks. crimped hair. headbands. neon colors. leggings and leg warmers. 

"don't stop believing" sang by everyone in the house. kat, rachel and i danced on the couch.

kicked out before midnight. 

i now want to wear leg warmers every day of my life.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

honey honey

last night kat, cassie, and i watched mama mia. 

it was my first time watching it and i absolutely loved it. the story was adorable. meryl streep is fantastic in that movie. she looks like she's so much younger than she actually is and that kind of freaked me out. but i still liked her. the dancing! MY GOSH, i loved the dancing. 

it was just the right kind of night for mama mia.

by the end of the movie, the three of us were dancing on out tiny little table in the living room. 

team the end.

funniest twilight youtube video ever.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

creepy is as creepy does.

there is a man with little hair who always wears a vest who teaches one of my classes. though his tests may be freaking hard, he really is a fantastic teacher. and a really, really funny guy.

things i find funny or weird that he's said in class:

"winston churchell babies."
(i don't get it. i didn't at the time and i still don't.)

"creepy is as creepy does."

"FOIA fairy godmother."
(definitely a nerdy journalism joke...)

"we have to be like Caesar's wife. completely, completely free of suspicion."

"this isn't gin!" after receiving a cup of water from a student to clear his throat.

he's a crack up.
he'll probably also find a way to sue me because i'm writing about him on my blog because he's THAT good. 

what a feisty, little man.

Monday, March 2, 2009

better than twilight.

for those of you reading pride and prejudice (i know so many of you are because of all the free time we have!), might i suggest when reading the really romantic parts, look up youtube videos of the movie clips.

i guarantee you'll find some that'll make your heart melt and others that'll make you cry from laughing so hard.

celine dion's have you ever been in love juxtaposed to kiera knightly's seal nose/pouty lips. so funny.

even better: the scene where mr. darcy proposes and elizabeth rejects him followed by avril lavigne's things they'll never say. who comes up with this stuff?


Sunday, March 1, 2009

sand dollar queen

ryan and i took a nice little day trip to pismo beach yesterday. we found a hidden lagoon, saw the biggest poop sand castle ever, and found a whole bunch of sand dollars. if we could spend sand dollars, we so would've been able to buy dinner.

side note: my sister is coming in two weeks!