Saturday, March 28, 2009

nora, my homegirl.

as many of you may know, nora roberts is my girl. i love her books. they're my guilty pleasure.


i'm taking a long nora roberts break. i'm swearing off her books for a while because the strong-woman-meets-strong-man-they-fall-in-love-something-goes-wrong-and-they-fix-it plot is getting a bit old. i still love nora, don't get me wrong. i'm just ready to read something new.

i read water for elephants yesterday and today and it was just such a cute little book. great story. really weird. i loved the main character, jacob. it wasn't mushy-romancey, but the love story part of it was cute. read it if you have a couple of hours to spare.

if you have any great books you've read lately that do not involve strong women falling in love with strong men or anyone with the name nora or roberts, let me know. i'd love to read it. 


cass said...

read some Bukowski. that's about as far away from harlequin-style romance you can get.

Rachel said...

i'm sure you've read it.. but if you haven't, you should read "The Kite Runner"