Thursday, March 26, 2009

somethings and someones and somewheres.

you know how you finally make up your mind about something and then something happens and you change your mind? and then you finally make your mind up again and then something else happens and you change your mind again? 

it's a vicious cycle and i hate that.

you know how you go somewhere and it reminds you of something because of how it smells or looks or tastes?

i hate that too, sometimes.

you know how you try really hard to make someone happy and it always seems to backfire?

i think i probably hate that most of all.

i can't be in riverside this summer. it's a very, very bad idea.


Carizza said...

Girl, I know what you mean. That's why I stay FAR FAR away from "back home"

Rachel said...

i agree. its really hard when all that happens; it makes you want to just run away from it all because it is so annoying/painful/frustrating. just know, you're not alone when that happens.

lets chat when we get back to SLO.


Janey said...

i feel like you are going through a lot. i'm sorry about that. i hope it all ends up good for you.

you are just an amazing person nikol and your life should be amazing too.