Friday, February 26, 2010


i rediscovered my soft, cozy bathrobe today.

i'm going to be spending a lot more time in less clothes lounging around in this bad boy.

p.s. exciting news! i'm creating a photography blog... look for it soon!

Monday, February 22, 2010

a weekend in and a weekend away.

i wish that i couple post my pictures from valentines day last weekend but after our photoshoot with stephanie, i've misplaced my cord!! sucks. i'll post them when i can, i guess.

these last two weekends have been so, so great.

valentines weekend robbie was away at a beta conference of sorts (sounded more like a beta bachelor/frat party mixed in with a couple of hours in a hotel conference room. he had some fun stories for me when he got back!) and i didn't expect him back in slo until late, late sunday night. lucky me, he called and told me he was getting back early! about an hour after he called i got gorgeous roses delivered to my door with the nicest note from robbie saying that he was sorry that he wasn't able to be with me on valentines day.

it was so unexpected and really, really thoughtful.

i ended up cooking a late night lobster dinner for robbie and we had some chocolate covered strawberries after with wine. so tasty.

monday morning, we headed to the sycamore mineral springs to sit in the hot tubs. i had planned to bring cinnamon rolls so we could have breakfast in the hot tubs but being the aaaamazing baker that i am, i burned them. sounds like something i would do.

after the hot tubs we drove to morro bay to walk around. we had some tasty fish tacos and robbie made me laugh telling me stories about his boat and fishing.

later that afternoon robbie took me on an adventure. i had different clues that led me to places we went on our first adventure together and at each place there was a cute note that robbie had written for me. the clues led me to the drive-in, the creek by the mission, and novo (or as robbie and i like to call it- novA).

he's so great.

this weekend we headed to san diego to see our families.

i had a ton of fun introducing robbie to my family and hanging out with his parents. the moens are so welcoming and they know how to have a good time. margaritas, the olympics, a home cooked meal and a movie? can't beat it.

now i'm back in slo with a vase full of fully bloomed roses.

life pretty much can't get much better.

(talked to becca this weekend. she's in ghana. check out what she's doing halfway across the world)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

not-so-plain jane.

my elementary-middle-high school friend, jane, wrote a really inspirational blog today. check it out and give her some love for being so smart.

valentines day photos/stories to come!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

girls day out.

rachel, stephanie and i headed to morro bay on saturday to take some glamour shots of stephanie.

she was the best model EVER!

we had so much fun dressing her up and having her pose for us.

we had SO much fun that we headed back to their house and set up a studio-like setting to take black and white photos. they turned out pretty great too.

what a lovely girls day! no stinky boys allowed.

we stopped because we saw this GORGEOUS forest spot with fallen trees that overlooked the ocean. after we stopped the car and lugged all of our crap down a dirt path we were stopped by a fence telling us our photoshoot location was a protected habitat for blue herons. thanks, herons, for taking the prettiest spot ever to lay your eggs.

cowgirl steph:

rachel has the prettiest scarves! i love, love, LOVE the green.

cutie photographer rachel.

we are NOT naked, i promise you.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

la la la love.

ashley and i have a valentines date tomorrow night to see the valentines day movie.

rachel and i have a valentines date on saturday to take pictures and have a slumber party.

anieca and laine and i have a valentines date on sunday to watch underworld and bake cookies (from laine's cookie bible).

then i get to spend all day on monday with robbie.

i'm so lucky i get to celebrate love all weekend long!

Monday, February 8, 2010

homeward bound.

tiffany's bridal shower was this weekend as well as dad's birthday. i headed to riverside to celebrate weddingy things, the saints and my dad's 51st.

a couple of photos from the fabulous bridal shower page threw for tiffany (now i have some great ideas for PAGE'S shower!):

the future mrs. caraccioli:

cheetah print balloons (my favorite thing about the shower!)...

page playing hostess. she had the best shower games ever.

dad and us girls on his birthday. he golfed, ate some cake and watched the saints win. what a great birthday.

**sorry for the late captions!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

punk vs. monk.

this weekend, robbie's roommate jon disappeared. i thought he was kidnapped and robbie thought he was dead. finally, someone saw him on the news (NOT dead, thank goodness) working on a 48-hour video game competition at school! how cool is that?!

jon's game was about being a monk or a punk. if you were a monk, you had to do nice things for people, like help an old lady across a street or help a dad find his lost boy. if you were a punk you would fight the old lady or not help find the lost boy.

i am so lucky to have such smart- and funny- friends!

this weekend's events: tiffany's bridal shower and dad's birthday at home. i miss my ohana and i'm glad to be going home.