Sunday, March 29, 2009

wild things.

i watched into the wild. 

not to be confused with born to be wild.

or where the wild things are (pretty excited about the movie though!).

into the wild was unlike any movie i've seen. it was great. now i'd really like to go live in a van in alaska for a couple months. ok, maybe not that part, but i'd definitely love to kayak down the grand canyon and eat a superapple and go swimming with hippies.

i'm going to read on the road by kerouak. i hope i don't drop out of college.


Aaron McCoy said...

haha that's partially why I haven't read that yet. you'll have to let me know how it is!

Danielle Fletcher. said...

on the road is overrated.
dharma bums is a little better, I think.
no strong women there.
lots of chauvinist attitudes, though.

nikol said...

=) thanks for letting me know, danielle. now i won't get my hopes up.

dharma bums is definitely on the list of books to read.

Jules said...

into the wild is one of my favorite movies. it's so moving! and emile hirsch is freaking cute.