Friday, March 13, 2009

40 days turned into 4 days...

today i broke my lent. is that even how you would say it? broke your lent? it sounds like you broke your water (gross). whatever. 

i went on facebook. 

and yes, i'm going to justify my cause: i created a group for my club interest meeting for ed2010 the cal poly chapter! pretty darn exciting. 

i've been thinking about starting a magazine at cal poly since last year. i've been thinking about starting a club all of this year. i've put it off, thinking that i needed to have all these plans set in stone.

i've finally pushed the excuses aside. i need help if i'm going to get this club going, so that's what my meeting is all about-- getting people involved, putting together committees, and getting everyone on a common ground so we can accomplish something amazing.

(and if i just happened to check my 80 birthday wishes-- THANK YOU!!--on my wall... well... so be it.)


Carizza said...

You're cute. =)

We got lots of cute pictures taken. I thought you wouldnt know since you were supposed to not be on facebook, but...=) they're adorable arent they?

I think we're supposed to have picture together..ahem!?

Rachel said...

NIKOL!!! invite me to the magazine group. i'm so excited to be involved and I can't wait until this gets off the ground :)

i'm so proud of you.

and hey, even Jesus had his weaknesses (and even if he didn't, nobody is perfect)

Anonymous said...

so down to help you with anything you need :)