Monday, March 2, 2009

better than twilight.

for those of you reading pride and prejudice (i know so many of you are because of all the free time we have!), might i suggest when reading the really romantic parts, look up youtube videos of the movie clips.

i guarantee you'll find some that'll make your heart melt and others that'll make you cry from laughing so hard.

celine dion's have you ever been in love juxtaposed to kiera knightly's seal nose/pouty lips. so funny.

even better: the scene where mr. darcy proposes and elizabeth rejects him followed by avril lavigne's things they'll never say. who comes up with this stuff?



becca. said...

i LOVE avril. remember that one time we got all dressed up in studded leather bracelets and plaid skirts and converse and went to see her and then we stood by that funny cute guy who was way to old to be at an avril lavigne concert the whole time? that was kind of a fun time.

nikol said...

i loved that guy! and then he said he was in that band so we looked him up and pretended to know which one he was? =)

we were so in love with him and were bummed he had a girlfriend.

she sucked that night.