Wednesday, March 4, 2009

creepy is as creepy does.

there is a man with little hair who always wears a vest who teaches one of my classes. though his tests may be freaking hard, he really is a fantastic teacher. and a really, really funny guy.

things i find funny or weird that he's said in class:

"winston churchell babies."
(i don't get it. i didn't at the time and i still don't.)

"creepy is as creepy does."

"FOIA fairy godmother."
(definitely a nerdy journalism joke...)

"we have to be like Caesar's wife. completely, completely free of suspicion."

"this isn't gin!" after receiving a cup of water from a student to clear his throat.

he's a crack up.
he'll probably also find a way to sue me because i'm writing about him on my blog because he's THAT good. 

what a feisty, little man.

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