Friday, March 5, 2010

you've been bamboozled... i mean yukered.

last night, brett, kat, robbie and i had an impromptu game night. we played yuker and blockus from 11 at night until about 3:30 in the morning.

best game night ever.

before our epic game night, i had just finished watching an episode of friends (the one with the baby shower) where joey is auditioning for a new game show. he practices playing the game with chandler and ross and chandler hates the game until he starts winning. i stole joey's "you've been bamboozled" line and used it when kat and i killed robbie and brett in yuker. twice.

i learned how to play both blockus and yuker from uncle carl's kids at the cottage in canada a long, long time ago. playing them last night made me wish i was in port dover eating arbor dogs, playing mini golf, eating celery bread at the cove room and jumping off the dock.

little cottage, i miss you.

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