Tuesday, March 16, 2010

crafty little one.

i've been in such a crafty mood lately...

a couple of things i hope to make in the near future:

a cute little bird.
a funny hedgehog.
a sweet crocheted yoda.
tote bags galore.
bird garland i saw at papersky (this is the cutest, bestest store downtown and robbie bought me stationery from there for a birthday present! what a nice boy.)
paper flower bouquets- possibly for centerpieces for page's bridal shower.

anyone want to play arts and crafts with me? i'd love company.


Stephanie said...

Um, I do. I am subscribed to a "mod podge" blog and I LOVE it. Let's do crafts next quarter!!!

Rachel said...

i LOVE craft time!!!! no kidding, i have a craft box here. we should play :)

pageonpaper said...

i want to be friends with lolly. she is so cool. you find the coolest things