Friday, March 12, 2010

shot shot shot shot shot shot shot shot.

my 21st birthday was so fabulous. i had a couple of out-of-towners drive all the way up for my birthday. tiff, luke, page, lauren and david headed up to meet us for dinner at mcclintocks. after we were seated and i ordered my first drink, i felt someone grab my shoulders and say, "happy birthday!" it was ryan, page's fiance! he had driven all the way down from san francisco for my birthday! he told me that he was planning on coming friday night because he couldn't make it thursday. what a sneaker.


this is what mcclintocks is famous for. the guy kinda spilled on me. thaaanks, waiter guy.

the we headed back to my house for a little get together until it was time to go downtown.

cute boot shotglasses page got me for my birthday! everyone got me such thoughtful gifts this year! thank you, guys.

on the walk downtown, i was behind our huge group of people and a taxi driver was parked on a side street. he asked if it was my 21st birthday and i said it was. he told me to get in the cab and he'd give me a ride to blacksheep! what a nice taxi man.

my first drink downtown. it was an upsidedown christmas tree shot... whatever that is. i think it was a little bit of beer and a shot of something pepperminty dropped in. i had to chug it. it actually was pretty tasty.

my fellow yuker players. this is probably one of my favorite shots from the night.

the ladies. julianna and annie met us downtown at blacksheep.

next up was downtown brew. here the bartender served me a blowjob shot. nasty, i know. hannah was nice enough to take one with me so i wasn't as embarrassed! probably one of the best tasting shots i took last night!

my hair was sticky from the whipped cream in the blowjob shot. gross. but very tasty!

miss katerina and sistah lauren.

at motav...

we ran into a couple of older friends downtown. it was so great. we got to go upstairs at motav and we danced our booties off.

it was such a fun day. everyone made it so special!


Jules said...

can you tell i'm drunk in the last pic?! haha that was so much fun! we have to do it again soon

becca. said...

oh my goodness you are WAAAY too cute!! also, i'm next! we celebrate as soon as i get home.

lovelovelove you so much baby girl.

oh and p.s. what is that hot tub place in the trees that you went on valentines day? i want to do that.

love you again.