Wednesday, March 10, 2010

vday recap.

i finally had the chance to post some valentines day pictures!

it was nice downloading them to my computer because i honestly forgot about them.


pretty roses were delivered to my house. rachel came over later to help me make chocolate covered strawberries and i let her read the note that robbie sent with the flowers. she kind of teared up. it was cute.

our attempt at making chocolate covered strawberries. it was definitely a messy- and tasty!- process and even though they turned out lumpy and gross-looking, they were SOOOO delicious.

after i made dinner for robbie, we had the strawberries with some wine.

monday morning, we went to margie's and ordered a milkshake with breakfast!

we missed our hot tub appointment at sycamore springs but went anyway. they sent us to the VERY top of the hill. and let me tell you, this hill is a hill from hell.

the view looking up from our hot tub. it was such a pretty morning.

drove to morro bay to kill some time. at a little fishery they sell live lobsters and crabs. this little guy was cute and very camera friendly. he kept trying to get closer to us.

devil in disguise.

robbie took me on a cute adventure and had clues for me. the notes he wrote to me were so funny and so nice.

first stop was sunset drive-inn.

robbie setting up his car for me to peel out in.

the next stop was the creek by the mission. i love the creek. it's so gorgeous there.

we ended up at novo for dinner and it was amazingly delicious.

my pretty flowers a week or two after valentines day after they bloomed.

more pictures of my birthday soon to come!


Carizza said...

I've resolved to be a better blog commenter. I always read and sometimes I forget to comment.

Anyways, I love your pictures, and I'm jealous of your date!

Also, I'm not a big fan of grown up Dakota Fanning, mostly because Tyler never liked her in the first place.

But I am a big fan of you, and your writing. I hope we get to see each other soon <3

Stephanie said...

i LOVE the two of you.