Thursday, July 10, 2008

red, white and blue (french or american?)

i just got a text message from the wonderful Madame Kund inviting me to breakfast chez her parent's house for bastille day. how adorable is she?

speaking of frenchy people, becca is hosting a french foreign exchange student at her house. for the last two summers she had timo here from france and we had a great time hanging out with him. this summer, timo's brother, amo, is here and we absolutely love him! if i were a 15-year-old french girl, i'd totally want to kiss him. however, i'm an adult and that would probably be illegal or something. PLUS i don't think aaron would approve of that at all.

since i'm not french, i celebrated independence day on the fourth. it was the greatest time ever. brett "fat" henninger invited aaron, kyle, collin, and me to newport for a little celebration time at his beach house. i wish my laptop worked because i have some great pictures of all of us hanging out with the henningers. they're such a wonderful family. two stolen bikes and a hangover later, we all departed from neptune street and ashley and i started a new adventure to The O.P.

when we got to oak park and reunited with kristin and jules (two lovely girls that lived down the hall from me this past year), we had a total girls night out: dinner for four, sleepless in seatle (yep... we fell asleep.), wine in the hot tub, and fifth grade prank calls. it was fantastic.

next on this week's agenda: serving at a wedding (my favorite!!), babysitting (i love my leinbach babies), and crunching numbers (letters?) at the internship.

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