Saturday, June 28, 2008

friends make the world go round.

sometimes (most times) i'm really antisocial. not because i hate people. i just really value my alone time.

HOWEVER... today i realized how much i miss my friends. becca, jo, aaron, and i took a little trip to huntington today to play in the sun. i love love love becca and jordan. they are so right for each other and they are so weird and fun. today ashley texted me about going to jules' house next weekend and i remembered how much i love her and kristin and jules and gracie. then i got two letters in the mail from carizza. one had her internship newsletter in it (she's so cute and on top of things) and the other one had postage stamps (bless her soul).

i have the bestest friends in the world. i should probably hang out with them more.


Carizza Rose Sioco said...

Indeed. Which is why you should come visit me. Texas is too big not to have friends =)

jordan. said...

je t'aime aussi.