Thursday, July 31, 2008

zoom zoom zoom

i finished cleopatra's memoirs last night.

everyone died and i was so sad.

on to my next fictional autobiography: Helen of Troy.

today i went on an adventure with morgan. we went to azusa to watch aaron play basketball and man oh man, did we get lost. it wasn't that bad... morgan and i got distracted from the directions because of story time (for having seen each other two days ago we sure had a LOT to talk about) so we got a little off course.

when we finally found azusa pacific we drove through this parking lot that had once been a drive-inn. except we didn't know that. so we were REALLY confused and wondering why their parking lot was so wavy.

i just drank this energy drink about two hours ago and i'm all revved up. it's midnight. i have work tomorrow. i need to sleep.

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becca. said...

you were sad that everyone died?
seems to me like that would've been a pretty easy ending to predict.