Sunday, August 3, 2008

what a softie.

friday, i finally broke $100 in tips. YES!

today, i spent all 100 of those dollars.
and no. not on steve madden boots.

unfortunately, i decided to be responsible and buy a new bedspread for school and some twin extra-long sheets. twin extra-long is such a rip-off. those beds at school are not extra-long because if they were then aaron would be able to fit in it. and he doesn't.
my bedspread is SUPER cute. it's white with orange flowers and leaves with brown birds and brown flowers. i love it. i found this super soft down comforter at bed bath & beyond and it's $80 and i really want to buy it, but that would mean i would have four blankets on my bed. not counting sheets. maybe someday i can buy it... like next week, when i have $100 again.

my dad came home today and i told him that i bought new sheets. he said, "nik, you don't have to pay for stuff like that. i'll pay you back."

cuuute steve madden boots vs. super soft dream blankie...


Cassandra said...

Hello Hello!

I'm glad to see you're doing well, and that you're still writing. You're majoring in journalism, right?

sami said...

i don't have a blogggy blog on this site but i guess i cans till post comments woo! you should've bought steve madden boots, because now they're extra expensive again. oh well. we need to see each other. i told morgan we need story time. because we definitely do...

nicole. said...

my vote is for the blankie. you'll get over the boots and then you won't want to wear them anymore, but a blankie is forever. :]