Friday, August 8, 2008

day one of three

today was day one of my three-day garage sale!

last night, becca and i got to work clearing out my garage and MAN it was messy. and gross. i should've taken before and after pictures...

before bec came over, i was pulling out boxes of stuff and i came across the HUGEST, SCARIEST, UGLIEST black widow i've ever seen. i was all screaming and squirming and wiggling around and no one was there to be grossed out with me. i went back to check it out and i took a picture on my phone and then i was all wiggly and yelling again. i went back a third time and it was GONE.

i still haven't found it.

at about 10ish, becca and i decided to put up garage sale signs. we had so much fun that we made more and did it all over again. at about midnight, we were by yum yums and needed to jaywalk across the street. while we were on the corner, a cop drove by, stopped by us, and put on his lights. he asked us what we were up to and we whipped out our garage sale signs. he laughed (i don't know if it was at us for being so lame or at himself for thinking we were up to trouble) and drove away.

today we came across some interesting characters. we had some gypsies who had sweet bandanas but one was a bit of a creeper. we had this old man who looked like nigel (the dad from the thornberry's) mixed with dr. doolittle and pulled out his taperecorder to remember our names. we had the nicest doggy come and she wanted to play with my dogs but mine are mean. and we had this sweet little girl who bought a whole bunch of baby dolls.

overall, very successful.

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