Monday, December 28, 2009

christmas with the schillers.

christmas was a bit different at the schiller household this year. since page had to work all day, we opened presents at night. this meant dad and uncle george cooked all afternoon while i danced around to lady gaga (my dad's favorite) and drank mimosas. it was a fabulous day.

the schiller family traditional tourtiere meatpie (gross). everyone seems to like it except page and me. usually there's an "M" on the pie for mary like the pie in the back but this year uncle george and dad put their initials, "G" and "H." they said that if their mom saw this pie they'd get into so much trouble.

uncle george: the chef!

not exactly sure what dad's doing here... i'm sure moments ago he was dancing with me to bad romance or his favorite: p-p-p-poker face.

shortly thereafter... that's a "nik, get the camera out of my face" look.

david snacking.

miss lauren mae fooling around with her new itouch.

page showing off her jewelry from lauren.

goofball ryan. he's so handy/geeky. he brought over a little cable thing that connects my mac to my new ipod docking station. he has everything!

the days following christmas have consisted of reading and shopping. i finished a book in two days. i forget how much i love reading until i have the time to do it.

morgan got me this cute bag from lululemon. it's so inspirational! my favorite quote on the bag: dance, sing, floss and travel. that fits me perfectly.

just a few days til new years! start thinking of new years resolutions. if you're not into that sort of thing, start thinking of new years resolutions for me! i could use the help.

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