Saturday, January 2, 2010

good luck, 2010.

happy 2010! new years eve was spent with all of the right people.

after working at the golf course, i headed to seal beach with morgan to meet bretty, robbie, lisa, kris and kimbers for some sushi and saki bombs with waiter matt (pictures to come, i promise). once our late night dinner was done, we headed to clancy's to ring in the new year. the countdown was a little anticlimactic, but we still had a good time. morgan and i went for a little jog on the pier and robbie and i jumped in the water at about 1 a.m. it was a very bad, cold idea.

the first day of 2010 started off with all of us feeling pretty sick and eating mexican food. everyone left lisa and kris's and robbie and i started an adventure.

we stopped in sunset beach in the afternoon because the houses were so pretty. we found this semi-private beach that had been raked so the sand was extremely soft.

robbie looking like a model.

then we headed to huntington to shop, eat pizza and walk on the pier. it was a really nice day.

i have this theory about even and odd years. i think that odd years are bad luck and even ones are good. thank goodness it's 2010; i'm hoping some good luck will come my way.