Wednesday, December 9, 2009

in your spare time...

once finals are done, work is done or you just have an hour, 16 minutes and 27 seconds of free time on your hands check out randy pausch's last lecture. bretty had this on the other night and i started watching it halfway through. kat, brett and i sat around our kitchen table with our dinners and watched this incredibly inspiring talk by randy.

this talk is also a book; one that i'm planning on reading over break. yesterday i started an autobiography about benazir bhutto. cool, inspiring stuff, man.

happy winter break, everyone. it's finally here.


Rachel said...

I think Luke has "The Last Lecture" (the book)... or I might have his copy. In any case, it is around SLO somewhere... it is definitely good and made me cry a few times

Kealan said...

I have the book, but have never read it. We should read it and discuss.