Sunday, November 2, 2008

Monster Mash

thank god for that extra hour of sleep last night because this weekend has been flying by.

halloween at bretty's was entirely too much fun. we had the batman crew there (minus a few key characters...): brett- the joker, kat- catwoman, gideon- penguin, mark- the scarecrow (creepy), cassie- batgirl (best costume award), rachel- harley quinn, and me- poison ivy. we were missing a robin and batman brian was out of town this weekend, driving his cousin home so she could be with her boyfriend.
what a hero!

after looking at pictures on facebook, i am so impressed with the costumes i've seen my friends and family wearing. i've seen the WIND, the paperbag princess (who remembers THAT story from when you were 7?), a girl who carries the case in Deal or No Deal, and SO many other really great costumes.

i have such creative friends.

yesterday i had a photoshoot with anne so she could practice taking pictures of a bride in the water because she's heading to cancun in a week to shoot a "trash the dress" session and she's only done it a few times. so guess who had to be the guinea pig and put on a dress and veil and get into the freezing water while it was 50 degrees out? the pictures turned out fantastic. once she sends them, i'll put some up. it was kind of weird having wedding pictures taken of me, but whatever. it was fun!

lauren's coming today and so is ryan. this is a weekend full of family! =)

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