Monday, October 27, 2008

bretterson. my friend.

i have many best friends and for that, i'm very fortunate.

brett is one of those best friends and i just love him to death. he is a good person and i am lucky to be his friend.

reasons why i love brett:

1. he tells me the truth. even (especially) when i don't want to hear it.
2. he loves his family.
3. he loves and treats kat so well.
4. he will hang out with me when no one else will.
5. he gives the tightest hugs (sometimes he gives those half-ass, side hugs, but when you really need a good squeeze, he'll give you one)
6. even though i see him every day (he's my 4th roommate), he will still make plans with me to have one on one time
7. even though he is in a tough spot with the whole me and aaron thing, he will listen to me and support me even if he doesn't agree with me.

we are having a picnic in narnia (aka- poly canyon. the real thing, not the apartments) in a few weekends and it will be nice.

he is a good friend to me.


Samantha Rose said...

I do love Bretty. All these things are true!

Ashley said...

aww that is one of the sweetest things i have ever read :) good job brett :)

Anonymous said...

i only think he's okay...

Hannah said...

Yeah I've been meaning to check out Campus Crusade but I always forget. We should go together!