Thursday, November 20, 2008

lost & found

two nights ago kat won her championship intermural soccer game. and even though i'm glad she got a poop brown shirt (which is actually REALLY cute), i was sad because i'm an idiot and lost my phone at the soccer field.

however, i didn't realize that it had been lost until cassie handed the phone to me about an hour and a half after we had left the soccer field.

the person who picked up my phone called zach (he was the last person who called) who called ashley who called cassie who told me that my phone was lost.

last night we went to taylor's house (the wonderful boyfriend of the girl who picked up my phone) and got my phone back.

did you follow all of that? girlfriend to taylor called zach called ashley called cassie told me called taylor picked up my phone.

the people at cal poly are amazing. i am so glad i go to a school where i can accidentally lose a phone and get it back within 24 hours. amazing.

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Carizza said...

I missed the part where the sky was falling...