Monday, November 10, 2008


in the native american culture, and lots of other indigenous cultures, the act of leaving the home (and usually going to a city-like setting) and then returning home after a number of years is a sign of maturity and acceptance of the tribe/community/family. (thank you elvira pulitano, Ethnic Studies 241: Survey of Indigenous Cultures)

i went home this weekend and i feel like i'm going to have this similar experience in the future. i have a LOT of big plans for my life, liiiiike going to new york and traveling around the world. but i don't think that i would ever be able to settle anywhere farther than an hour or so from my home. as much angst as we all felt when we lived in riverside, it's still my home and finally getting out of there made me realize how much i consider it my home. my dad is still home to me and so are my dogs and sisters. i don't think think that i am willing to give up all of the future Hanksgivings (yes. hanks. not thanks. cuz... my dad is Hank... and he gives a LOT of thanksgiving... i guess it's just a weird, inside family joke) or christmas midnight masses or birthdays just so i can work and work and work in a city far, far away.

so i look forward to my home coming. however, for the next couple of years, i will be selfish and still complete my goals. just on a smaller, but still wildly successful (crossing my fingers) scale.


Samantha Rose said...

I've definitely thought about this a lot. I really love San Francisco but I think I just love Riverside and Southern California more.

Also, I loved how you listed your dogs before your sisters-HA.

Jane said...

you are going to be so successful.
no doubt about it.