Thursday, November 13, 2008

what the frizz.

my straightener stopped working about.... maybe... two weeks ago? a little less than that. i used ashley's secretly (probably not-so-secretly since i probably left it on in a non-sneaky way) until hers broke about a week ago.

i've been straightenerless for about a week. my blowdryer doesn't work. basically, the frizz that is my hair is all i've got to work with.

it's funny to think that about two years ago when my straightener died i absolutely freaked out.

maybe i'm just getting used to the bun updo or something but i must say... for not using a straightener.... my hair looked pretty darn good today.

i've decided that if you can't live publicly without a straightener for a week... you're way too into yourself. embrace your kinks and tangles. live free. or die trying. or just don't straighten your hair sometimes.


Carizza said...

I love it. I love you. Frizz and all =)

nicole. said...

i gotta tell you, this is the first step toward unshaven armpits..!

becca. said...

My hair gets dirty faster when it isn't straightened.. and it looks way more uncute. But laziness still tends to get the upper hand.

Unrelated: I saw this and thought of you. I bet you would be really good at it.