Thursday, December 11, 2008

oh dear.

today i was walking home from my final and the gym and i realized that i didn't go the way i wanted to go. i usually walk up the horse path so i can stop by the post office and check my mail instead of going all the way around through the zig-zag path to get to the post office, which is what i had to do today.

so i'm walking and i'm kinda mad i didn't go to the horse path and then i look over the bridge and there's a baby deer!! it's just snacking on some grass in the middle of the afternoon in the foresty ditch. so i stopped and looked at it because it was so cool and so adorable. and it looked at me!! i wanted to see how long it would look. do baby deers have eyelids? because that sucker did not blink once. i felt like will ferrel with the ram in the SNL skit ("starring contest, you and me.... you win... you always do..."). because i was standing there so long i got out my phone and took a picture. after a couple seconds, it just pranced away. i didn't realize that three other people were standing behind me watching the baby deer too but when i turned around i felt like such a dummie because i was all giddy and smiling. it's ok though because they were excited too. i know it.

that baby deer was brave. and cute. and it looked at me!!

i love bambi.

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