Thursday, December 25, 2008

papa hank is my hero.

christmas in the schiller household is always, ALWAYS epic.

after midnight mass, page, lauren and i hopped into our onesie pajamas (mine- red and green striped, page's- red with white dots, and lauren's- sock monkeys) and took pictures by the christmas tree. my dad cracked up. we then gave him HIS christmas pajamas (non-onesie). he sported his flannel christmas jammies with his red slippers all day long. 

christmas was amazing.

i am now going to be writing my blogs with my BRAND NEW MACBOOK! i am the luckiest, most spoiled girl in the world. 

uncle george came over and made the biggest scrimpies in the world. they were declicious.

uncle ed and lisa and their baby puppy, kanuck, came over. we all played Things. it was hilarious.

"Things that are impossible to measure" 
my response: a leg of an amputee.

horrible. and on christmas...

i'm going to hell.

happy birthday, jesus!

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Carizza said...

you're cute, and not spoiled, just loved.

i love you =)