Friday, January 2, 2009

this is your roots, girl

new orleans is now possibly number one on my favorite places in the world list.

my trip to louisiana was better than i could ever have expected.

i got to stay in a hotel on burbon street in the french quarter and throw beads to cute strangers walking by. i got to drink with my grandma around. i got to dance with my cousins at a bar. i caught a fish (two, actually!) for the first time in my life. i got to see where my mom grew up. i got to relive what my mom and dad lived while they were in college. i got to hang out with my long lost cousin, gabrielle. i got to reconnect with my mom's side of the family and they welcomed me like i've been around everyday for the past 19 years. it was amazing.

best of all, i got to spend time with my maw maw. she is the single greatest person to live on this earth. i love her and i cherished every day i got to spend with her.

i am so glad that i took this trip that i've been meaning to take for the last 4 years. it was a selfish little trip for myself and it was one of the best, if not THE best trip i've taken so far in my life.
louisiana, i'll be back.

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