Saturday, December 6, 2008

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas!

so even though it's beginning to look a lot like christmas, it still doesn't feel like christmas...

my goal is to make it feel like christmas once finals week is over. once i go home, i'd like to do something christmasy everyday.

dec. 13- write christmas cards and send them.
dec. 14- put up the christmas tree!
dec. 15- put up christmas lights on the house (we'll see about this one... ladders and staple guns should not be used at the same time...)
dec. 16- go look at christmas lights at the mission inn.
dec. 17- watch christmas movies!
dec. 18- take christmas pictures with my sisters.
dec. 19- finish christmas shopping!
dec. 20- go to a show for my dad's christmas present!
dec. 21- make christmas cookies.
dec. 22- go to brett's christmas party!
dec. 23- wrap christmas presents.
dec. 24- go to midnight mass
dec. 25- celebrate christmas!

this is why i love my roommates. we're having a christmas roommate day tomorrow (this counts as our christmas gifts for each other since we're all BROKE) which includes making fudge and cut-out cookies to christmas music and a movie after!!


becca. said...

the postsecret today about checking out butts totally sounds like you. i bet you are a super sneaky compulsive butt checker outer.

Samantha Rose said...

Your place looks great!
Also, softball girl reunion sounds pretty much ideal. let's dooooo it!