Saturday, April 25, 2009

gettin' hyphy in oakland.

markus invited me to go to an oakland a's game yesterday night. 

we drove the three hours up, watched the a's lose, then stayed to see a freaking awesome firework show. 

because they lost, they were offering free jersey's at saturday's game, and san luis obispo was a three hour drive back, markus and i decided to stay the night and go to the a's day game on saturday.

after getting lost about 100 times, we finally got to kat's house. we had a slumber party with kat, brett, kat's sister, ally, and ally's friend. 

after the a's won on saturday, mark and i decided that our adventure was finally over and that we had to go back home.

mark got very silly in the car and sang backstreet boys, aly & aj, and britney spears. what a champ.

our jersey's are very cool.

overall, successful weekend!


Samantha Rose said...

THAT sounds like an awesome weekend. if only it was the ANGELS and not oakland!

sarah said...

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xo... sarah

Rachel said...

aaah sounds like a wonderful weekend :) how come they've never given away jerseys when I've been at A's games?!

anyway, I'm so glad you guys had a lot of fun. sounds like a blast :)