Friday, April 10, 2009

blog birthday.

i'm a firm believer in to-do lists. 
you may not get everything done, but they're a great way to look at your priorities and help you de-stress.

TO DO this weekend:
- finish interviews (angela kramer- keep dreaming, nikol, any asi board member, detective john edds, snaps, and the residents for quality neighborhoods people)
- see my family and enjoy time with them (perhaps go see pagey's new little place! hello, alliteration.)
- uphold my promise to do a photoshoot every weekend (rachel- we're on our own this weekend. take some good ones without me!)
- make up a fine-ass resume for a couple of summer internships
- do all of my homework.
- make up some ed2010 committee folders

if i can squeeze all of these things within the next 50ish to 60ish hours, i will be most impressed.

(hey! last post was my 100th post! happy 100th post birthday, blog!)
(we may have found an advisor for the magazine club... more on this if it goes through!!)

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