Tuesday, April 14, 2009

do you believe in magic

i believe in karma.

lately, i've been having a lot of good karma, which makes me happy. it also makes me nervous because if i screw up my good karma, it could turn into bad karma.

good karma this week:
- brady's going to be our club advisor! he seems extremely helpful, VERY VERY VERY knowledgeable about both grc and journalism, and best of all- he's not overbearing, which is fabulous. i'm really looking forward to having him be our advisor.
- the grc department is going to put a small feature in their newsletter about our club.
- i came up with an amazing story idea. i told brett that i want to write this summer and i think this may be the story i go with.
- brett is having a blacklight party this week. AND he's making kat, luke, gideon, rachel and i a lobster dinner. brett's the man.
- i'm getting like, $400 back in taxes (thank you, tax god).
- mama mia this weekend.

i'm worried that bad karma is heading my way. 

just when everything seems to be going right...

1 comment:

Rachel said...

i absolutely love all of this.

it is all wonderful and i congratulate you on your good karma!!!

don't worry about the bad karma. i'm sure you're fine.

YAY FOR MAMMA MIA!! i'm so excited